M-Audio Firewire 410
M-Audio Firewire 410

Firewire 410, FireWire audio interface from M-Audio in the FireWire series.

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chupachups 11/05/2003

M-Audio Firewire 410 : chupachups's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I chose for its dual FW410 FireWire (which allows me to add a hard disk without loss of perf), full duplex 24bits/96hz, the number of input and output for my use, it has ie creation of electronic music, recording bass line and guitar, adding a microphone for vocals etc ...

My config is a EVO610C Compaq laptop (intel pentium 4, 1.8GHz), 512MB of Ram Mega, Giga 40 of disk drive. All this runs on Windows 2000, Service Pack 5.

I had to add a PCMCIA card to add a firewire port on my config away!

With this card I just built a small studio .. midi keyboard ... big amp with two big speakers ... my computer .... my external sound card .... the bass ... the guitar .... the microphone!

It fits perfectly with what I was looking for a long time for a "small" price!


Installation is super easy ... . Aileurs too easily .. so much so that not too much work at the beginning .... in fact it must be very careful to install the driver first ... then reboot .... do not connect the sound card again or even turn on! ... wait until you login to turn the card .. the you have to wait several seconds (yes cest super slow!) .. otherwise it is not recognized.

I think if you're not computer we have a hard time to install it .... but after a lot of good reboot .. check the IRQ etc ... it works well. I think that ausi driver problems also come from the OS of our friend Bill Gates! and surely my machine because it has a FireWire port NEC is not recommended for this card ... but hey it works well! So I do not want too much drives the point .... pa that has this kind of problem today?

The manual is on the CD ... damage ... but hey I'm used to read the online doc .. So it's not too too bad ...

Basically the implementation is correct ... but could do better.


Once you install the drivers stable lair .... no problem!
I use Acid Pro, Reason, Cubase ... Perfect and Perfect ... Perfect!

No problem of latency ... incredible!

For now I use reduced .. I find it a shame not to have a good printed manual to find the explanation of the different options of the card .... I admit that the config panel of the card is really beautiful but I do not know to use again!


I use it for 2 weeks ... and my sound has changed! he took sound quality, dynamic rendering much better, no latency, which finally genial!

BCQ like this card at this time, it meets my needs (no or very low latency, firewire, plenty of input and output, it is small, etc. ..). I pass over the quality of the book box .. it's true that the buttons are not great quality as taken in the back .. when you remove one of the connections ... by all with ... but ... Just to do the bad and it goes!

So I can say that this card FIREWIRE external ... especially worth 500 Euros! I think This is the best quality / price ratio for an external card / FIREWIRE for now ... this is only my opinion of course.

I tried other map (below 500) as the M-Audio Quattro, the Terratec Phase 26, Edirol and for me it is the FW410 that convinced me .... low latency .... 2 FireWire .. price ... Finally, I think you understand I love my card!