M-Audio Firewire Solo
M-Audio Firewire Solo

Firewire Solo, FireWire audio interface from M-Audio in the FireWire series.

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steack haché 08/25/2006

M-Audio Firewire Solo : steack haché's user review


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Technical -caractristiques:
chre not compatible mac / pc, power supply via firewire (more stable and fast'm saying).

I use it to connect my microkorg and can record directly into Live. It also serves me plug my acoustic guitar and a microphone electro.

-My Config:
Powerboog 1.5 ghz, ram 1024, OSX 10.3.9

-Instruments, System uses:
Since I have it, I hardly used my more Behringer MX1604 console A. I plug the instruments directly on the sound card and configure my tracks in Live squenceur.


Installing Mac OSX is without problems. It is directly recognized by the system.

-Setting Gnrale:
Easy to use, with the "input select / Front or rear" is selected the tracks you want to activate. It is possible to connect a guitar and other instrument (synth micro ...) and to use the two tracks at the same time.

An installation cd is given with it possde a simple manual that explains the fondamentaus points using the card. At worst, is always Audiofanzine to help us, so no worries.


The drivers are not very stable, we must admit. Mac, I'm a driver updating recently and nothing done. From time to time, I have mounted in CPU power and / or then cuts to very short sounds. A prioris the DBAT is open whether it comes from the sound card or Ableton Live squenceur who would struggle grate the CPU. But in the end, most users have the same bug, they use with Live, Cubase, Logic ....

-Software Utiliss most often;
Ableton Live and Reason propellerhead


I use it for about 5 months
-I Like its little weight and small size. The ease of use and compatibility with Mac or Pc. The fact that it is between guitar is also a plus.
What I like least is that there have not over MIDI, invest in a small midi interface (I possdais dj), drivers who leave to be desired and above The poor quality of prampli, which is that when using a condenser microphone there is a hissing sound that reminds me of the sound cards bad bill. This means investing in a good prampli to use a static phantom power supply. Otherwise, with a conventional microphone, there is no breath problem.

-The Report qualitprix is ​​downright reasonable.

I do not think I would do the same choice today, because I just investing in a condenser microphone for voice recordings and damn breath is not pro to a nail. I would take a sound card of the same style but with a prampli of good quality, which is not blowing.