M-Audio ProFire 2626
M-Audio ProFire 2626
Cassio38 11/29/2012

M-Audio ProFire 2626 : Cassio38's user review

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8 inputs combo XLR / jack output jack 8, 2 I / O ADAT, a blossomed midi / SPDIF worldclock. External power supply (one regret on this point, I would have preferred a heavier card / long and integrated power supply.)
used on a pc and a macbook
other notices have not you lied ^ ^
9/10, -1 for the perfect PSU connector.


stable drivers windows 7 and snow leopard and lion macOS.
tested on ProTools MP8, 9, 10 (pc and mac) logic pro studio one, cubase, ableton, FL, perfectly supported by any software. PT10 main use on win 7
drivers have not been updated for a while but no problems or stall declare

I use it at home for combo keyboard / bass / guitar / vocals and I took with a small macbook when I have a record out. the card is short enough, connect the cables to the bottom of a 2U rack is not necessarily obvious. the advantage is that the multicore 8 jack 5m for outputs back into the rack and there is no need to unplug it every time ...) the downside is that if you do not want to kill the connector power must be removed each time.

converters for year / na and the preamp I have unfortunately not large enough experience to judge their quality. however, nothing to say about the hardware that I used (senn e840, sm58, this kind of microphones). Noted that even push the preamp thoroughly I had no background on prodipe TT1. the sudden a very good signal to noise ratio.
I humble opinion that for newcomers like me in the world of home studio is widely level. I ordered a blue reactor, I éditerais this notice if I have something to point out (and make them slightly).

on the headphone jacks on the front, both have an independent volume in addition to master volume. The Master affecting the other two, although be careful not to put all the knobs to 11/10 if it is the death of the headphone line. Unless you have 600 ohms impedance and again.

overall quality of the catch is very good, you will not unplug something accidentally (except be little food! but it is not important we agree)

he would miss one or two frontal microphone socket, but lack of space in a small home studio config (keyboard / micro) need to plug mic cable behind is a real ordeal

all these are details, but I do not recall having seen talking. after 2 years of use I think they have their interest (where one presonus FireStudio has entered the façade and integrated power supply)
9/10 -1 for the power supply connector. (Yes again) -1 for the lack of front grip


installed smoothly, like a device all more or less plug and play the market.
interface is sufficiently clear and complete. Routing individual tracks rather than stereo would have been welcome, but everything remains flexible.
the card supports very long hours of use, to be turned on / off without necessarily precautions and there is no need to reboot the machine to connect / disconnect (off course!)
9/10 -1 for routing stereo


I use it for 2 years I hesitated with 8 tracks equivalents at motu, focusrite, presonus. but wanting to use protools (MP8 at the time) I finally fall for that one.
Note that Windows supports very well the shift controller intégré/profire2626 when his turn on / off this one. and nothing prevents you from using your combo tube microphone / preamp 5000th to talk to your buddies on teamspeak.

What is so special that you like most and least?
+ The overall quality of the map
+ Two headphone jacks independent facades
+ Two instruments made facades in

-The external power supply connector and everything rots septentrionnel
-No power limiter on the headphone jacks.
-No microphone jack on the front

I would do this choice?
be little. I am curious and playful, I would try another manufacturer happy the day I would need 16 inputs via adat! and the power supply .. seriously!

9/10 -1 @ the PSU b0 |) &! !