MOTU 828 Mk2
MOTU 828 Mk2

828 Mk2, FireWire audio interface from MOTU in the 828 series.

jcm800 07/27/2004

MOTU 828 Mk2 : jcm800's user review


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FireWire completely full rack: 8 inputs and 10 outputs analog jack, 2 XLR microphone input with preamp and phantom power supply, inputs and SPDIF digital outputs (RCA and optical), ADAT, MIDI, SMPTE sync ...
Sampling rate settings.
It's simple: there is all you need!! It's pro gear to see live studio application.

I had an interface with at least 8 inputs to record drums.
The Fire Wire port (Parallel) is faster than USB (series).
I plug in my laptop Packard Bell, AMD Athlon 1.67 GHz, 256 MB of RAM.

I connect two microphones to the XLR inputs, 8 line from my console on the mix between Jack and I also links the SPDIF output of the preamp M-Audio SPDIF Tampa to the MOTU.
I send the sound through the monitors on the main outs and headphones via the headphone output, and other analog outputs to line inputs of my mixing desk for example.

In terms of routing, everything is possible and imaginable, especially thanks to the virtual mixing console accessible from the computer (you can make these adjustments directly with the buttons on the MOTU but less obvious).


All the buttons are too small, including the volume that can control the volume of the headphone output or main out.
We can not rely on displays levels because their scale is too vague.

Otherwise the use is very easy and full manual control if the English. Too bad it does not have the specific technical characteristics (distortion, input impedance, signal to noise ratio, etc.).


No problem communicating with the computer and imperceptible latency, you can record or play back a large number of tracks simultaneously: remember, 8 inputs and 10 analog outputs, inputs and outputs SPDIF and ADAT, etc.. (I'm working on Sound Forge and Magix Music Studio Deluxe 2004).

It may possibly be used in mixer: there is everything (mute, solo, pan, volume) except EQ.


I use it for 4 months and although it's expensive, it is a very powerful tool, very bone quality and especially unlimited.

The two preamps are very good: quiet, neutral and powerful, with a true phantom power.

But beware !!!!!!!!!!!!! There are major defects:
- The buttons are small
- Indicators of levels are unusable
- Microphone gains are difficult to resolve because little progress: going from "too weak" to "too loud".

- But especially the bullet points: the analog amplify the treble, so I got trapped on the equalization in a mix. Say what you're listening via the outputs of the MOTU is more acute than reality. Now that I know, I compensated with a low of 5dB from 8000Hz in the equalization of my software.

I find it odd that this machine is very pro has such defects, especially acute in this exaggeration output unforgivable. The mini jack output of my computer delivers a totally more neutral (but there's breath)!

Bon beh I return to this opinion: I once made several tests and the resulting output is clear: SPDIF coaxial digital outputs and digital deliver sound "normal".
But all the analog outputs sound jack issue too also with a slight acute lmanque in low and lower midrange.
It is not normal, this bike is precisely known for the quality of its converters.
A guy that has the same tells me that he never noticed this at home and mine is probably down. If so, it's balls to a new machine that I paid 1200E!

He will make his own tests to see. To be continued ...

So I come back one last time on this opinion: I sent the MOTU as collateral because there was really a problem: the sound came from a too acute failure of the D / A.
They sent me a new machine! Cool.
on the other hand it was not until two months ... and pay 20 Euros for postage! Not cool.

In any case, the new walk impeccable ', the sound is very good, even for the headphone amplifier.