PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

Timo_SW 08/16/2012

PreSonus FireBox : Timo_SW's user review

«  A quality / price excellent! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I got this little gem from a friend who has bought an external soundcard Steinberg.
I use it to record my guitar tracks / vocals and bass.


Usage is CLEAR.
Go to the Presonus site and download the drivers. One can note that the drivers of this external sound card are still downloadable even if this card is no longer done. Again, Presonus makes common sense. Cubase, using the sound card is very intuitive. Latency is editable, and you can get a more than satisfactory result.


Installation takes only a few minutes, and the general configuration is very easy to assimilate. This is a very intuitive interface.


In short, I'm using it since about 6 months now. This external sound card is really ideal for musicians wanting Laying out his home.
He found even among the small + large number of outputs, we only regret that there are no XLR output for connecting to the monitor speakers. That said, I connected the output of the external sound card has a mixer in order to manage the sound card's external and internal computer simultaneously. And thus, my monitor speakers are connected by XLR mixer ;) .
The metal case is a pleasure. We are pleased that the body is solid.

For me, this little external sound card is fine!