PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

sampabs 07/07/2010

PreSonus FireBox : sampabs's user review

«  Easy to use map but ... »

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I chose this card for XLR inputs on the front: one for the microphone with phantom power and a dedicated instrument with separate input control. 1 headphone volume control and a general control. Other input jack 6.35 mm at the back, and separate outputs + MIDI inputs.

I use a Presonus preamp VOICE more and plug guitars (electric or electro) directly into the input 2 dedicated instruments.

The general outputs are connected to amplified speakers Samson Resolv 40a


Originally installed with a PC Laptop / Windows XP, the drivers were stable until I migrated to an iMac / Mac OS X Snow Leopard. I have a problem with firewire 400 on which I connect my firewire card and 800 on which I connect my hard drive working. In fact the map does more interfaces with the computer and the sound skips. The solution: I do not plug into the Firewire 800 when I'm in musical session ...

Latency is correct and quality mic preamps is the (quite neutral and not breathing), enhanced by the addition preamp VOICE course.


No need to install drivers for Mac, maybe it's the true Plug & Play


I use this card since 2004. I also have a 610 Egosys quatafire I find a bit better in terms of mic preamps.

The price / quality ratio was good at the time (around 300 euros). Comes with Cubase LE, it can start without breaking the bank as well.

This map is used in a MJC with teenagers. It has seen all the colors: it is very robust (Alu) and does not "chip" as some USB cards which shall remain nameless ...