PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

Alban Le Goff 03/09/2010

PreSonus FireBox : Alban Le Goff's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
My first sound card. And for that I owe it a debt of gratitude! I wanted something compact with lots of inputs and outputs to experiment with synths sound effects used in inserts.


Before finding this card solution, I spent hours on the AF forums! My first year of use was laborious!! Then (with time) it stabilizes ... Latency is relatively low: 3ms. The mixer app that comes with the card is pleasant to use, while the control panel is a little less. At a frequency change the control panel indicates the new frequency while the card has still not synchronized with the computer. From time to time we get it right, always at a frequency change to a total loss of connection, the method is a bit barbaric disconnect the PSU and then plug it back.


The installation posed a lot of little problems for me. It was on a laptop Toshiba Satellite M40. Clicks recording and playback, loss of sync, large latency. In hindsight I think the Firewire did not help because the installation itself was quick, card immediately detected.


Four years to be lugging a studio in the studio, from scene to scene, from hotel to hotel. It even underwent an emergency brake in a truck and went through the whole cabin caught by the Firewire cable like a shooting star. In short sturdy! So robust that it is now ...... rinsed!
Two outputs connections, the preamp and knobs are well worn, one of the preamp is tired, but it is now stable level software. The price is good value was the same right to S / PDIF.
With experience I think that's a nice little card to get started with. I now use a PCI card solution with the RME Multiface II and with installation ... can't compare ... and also can't compare ... the SOUND!