PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

songboy 12/02/2008

PreSonus FireBox : songboy's user review


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The main thing I love about this unit is the firewire powering capability. Not needing a wall wart or any other power source makes this unit very convenient for live recording or live performing situations especially with my laptop. With a full battery, I can run the presonus firebox, two usb powered keyboards and all my software programs for three hours without the need of a power source! One of the best setups for creative people on the go.
My mobile rig consists of a MacBook (2.2ghz, 120gb internal HD, 320gb usb powered external HD, 4 gb ram), 2 M-Audio keyboards (88 weighted key, and 61 axiom) and Logic 8 and multiple NI programs.
I use the Firebox to simultaneously record my bands performance (stereo track from mains) and out put all my synth/key/samples/pads to the mains. This thing is so convenient.


The firebox is plug and play with Logic but unfortunately, I am having problems getting my Native Instruments to recognize it. I bypass that problem for the time being by selecting the firebox as my computers main output.
The general configuration is pretty simple. The firebox mixer application is a little confusing to me. I have not really dived into any help features yet. They did not send me any paper manuals, but the there is plenty of help on line. I wish there was a paper manual though, those always seem clearer to me.


The drivers are great. I haven't noticed any updates yet, unless it does them without my knowledge. I use this mostly with logic 8 and they work together seamlessly. Like I said before, plug and play with Logic. It also has 24k recording capability which logic supports so thats a big plus. As for latency, I have been able to put most programs down to zero latency (at least thats what they claim) and so far, no problems. As for tracks, 16 internal software tracks is the most I have ever used thus far. I notice that when I first open up those tracks, logic gets "overloaded" when a part comes up with a lot of midi data, but I believe that is Logics fault. Its not a really big issue, it only stops that once. The next time through it works fine.


I have had the Firebox for 4 months and it has yet to disappoint. Again, the best thing is the firewire power capability. Other pluses are the 24k recording, 6 1/4" outputs for sending different signals to different amps/mixes, and the overall high quality sound I get out of my recordings. I didn't any other models personally but I talked to a lot of people who use the this device and the some of M-audio's interfaces and everyone recommended the firebox. I also did a lot of research online and found the same to be true. I would absolutely buy this item again. Its a must have for computer based/assisted musicians/engineers.