PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

planetslide 08/13/2011

PreSonus FireBox : planetslide's user review

«  Performance but died soon »

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I wanted a single interface to make itself the sound of my electric guitar at a reasonable budget. So: a map with little input but a good recording quality. The Firebox is well within this category.


Drivers who are easy to install, update for vista (initially I was under XP) but apparently according to the forums it goes wrong within 7 (that's not cool).

I use an old Cubase, it works well, the latency down to 3 ms is enough to play without discomfort. Never more than one track at a time in my use.

I connected to the outputs of GFORCE plus a simulation of HP software convolution back and it sounds really good: quality production studio enthusiast without bothering the neighbors.

Sometimes she goes out of sync, it's hassle because according to the program, you sometimes stop and restart.


Quick and efficient, it is configured not too bad (and associated apps are not very bloody but it is doing). The manual has remained in the box, I do not know how it looks?


This card has three faults, one way, a large and very large:

1) breaks sync from time to time (just often enough to annoy)
2) the volume knob that goes to sputter quickly
3) it heats too much, and it is getting worse with time!

My card died after about 5 years: Total overheating ... risk of fire in the office fuck! I tried to repair but its condos slamming one after the other when they are replaced. No time to change all the components one after the other, and anyway I have more confidence (4000 Euro plug stuff into something that is literally smoking, blah ...). In addition, I have a friend who has had the same forums and other such cases.

Conclusion: not very durable as a product! Too bad, this interface showed a good performance / price ratio. I does not sound cards Presonus because they all look like the same stuff. It's time for me to return to the big leagues (RME, but my bank account will feel it).