PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

Flying G 09/18/2008

PreSonus FireBox : Flying G's user review


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Able to record my guitar and having an affair Midi primarily motivated my choice recommended by the seller on the Firebox, I finally bought.
My hardware configuration: Intel 2.4 Ghz Mac, Mac OSX 10.5.
Instruments branches: electric guitars and classic keyboard with Midi interface, Effects Korg AX3000G pdalier Link Midi sound banks.


Installation qu'aise more, since on my Mac, the hardware was recognized t instantly.
No bug or incompatibility of use (Cubase LE and Garage Band).
The setup is transparent and the manual unnecessary.

I put 10 in implementation because it is REALLY no problem on Leopard.


Stability is exemplary: I do not use that in between my guitar to record mono or midi with an old Casio keyboard.
The software I use is Garage Band and I have never had a problem: just connect the Firebox before You Started Garage Band, so it is DTECT automatically. This is normal.
I have not measured the latency, but is low trs.


I use DJ for two months. I do not find much wrong, as I was looking for a recording interface easy to use, quality of correct (this is the case). The criticism that we can make it, that is to turn off the power, you must unplug the FireWire, and a switch supplmentaire t wise.
Qualitprix report is correct: it is not the least CHRE, but it has a good quality of pre-amp.
With hindsight, yes, because I really had no problems with the Firebox.