PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

jeromedu93 06/10/2006

PreSonus FireBox : jeromedu93's user review


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I have over the past year, I just perform all necessary advice on all makes


Mac, you plug, it works

Or has it not work ... ... we will DCON Vior the merchant.




Well then, ractions, this is just my opinion though sr:

- "The Firebox does not sound PRO": if so, Madonna does that the Firebox now she consoles dnigre totally worth the price of a villa on the hill, and racks 5000 pice, it prfre the Firebox!
-> To 300 and the wheelbarrow, you have an excellent quality sound input and output converters are the strengths of the fact bte
So if you bump on the next album of Michael, I guess you're looking for stuff with 2-3 zros more ...

- "Too much power in the headphone useless" means any fact, that's what I think. But this power s'avre useful when discovering that the output is nothing less than the output Stereo 7 and 8, prvu also to connect the monitors ...
Please note, convertos are worse against invoice, so the risk of reprage be false as the mix of your Ralite

- "A breath, there's no power with a dynamic": the actual, pre-amps and I do not suit me, I come back
Let's say against that with a static gain, although pushed (7-8) is sufficient, and breathless

Firewire it: attention, MUST CONNECT THE OUTLET, there is a risk of burn out port of your computer if not, what is often said in any case

2nd firewire it: he sees me he cot Repair Tool 4 weeks of my Lacie external HD, thankfully still under warranty.
It is strongly deprecated plug something on it because "it is said" that this port is not "stable" ... having paid the price, I believe this rumor, this port overheating crme the device and religious. I think even that I am right in saying that self-same Prsonus advise not to connect it, confirm or ...

Which m'emmne heat: the Firebox is boiling hot! It heats, it heats it brle after 1 hour prliminaires!
-To conclude, therefore, the pre-amps do not suit me, they are relatively correct, but my face is pre-amps analos day and night. At the same time this is not the same price, and my test is limited to catch votes. So my conclusion may be Hative me that the pre-amps of the Firebox are fat, a veil indgraissable serious, even once EQ and limiter ...

Here I leave around 10 symbolically, for the price it is a good map trs, especially since for me it is a way to get my records in the computer, so only the convertos m'intressent and I saw that they are on top, no worries for me
Couple of pre-amps analos connected to the inputs 3 and 4 non-pr-amplified, made sparks