PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

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teddys 09/18/2005

PreSonus FireBox : teddys's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
What technical specifications motivated your choice?
the number of I / O, size, weight, price ... sound!

For what purpose?
models, semi-professional recordings, but commercialiss

What is your config (motherboard / CPU / Ram / Hard ,...)?
Apple G5 Dual 2GHz. 4GB Ram. 300GB HDD.

Which instruments or Systmes (console, prampli, DTD ...) you use it and how connections? ...
All ... almost. Guitar, bass, sampler, keyboards, vocals, brass ...


Installation is no problem it?
Plug & Play

Have you experienced any incompatibility?

Gnrale configuration is easy?
rarely seen as simple, flexible, practical.

The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
I sr a day can be found manuals to use a mouse ...


The drivers are stable?
use on mac ...

Are they often put day?
no ide. and if not why? seen as operating in the state ...

What software do you use most often?
DP, Peak, iTunes

What you get lag?
zero, nothing, that slab, nada.

How many tracks you get record / playback simultanment? ...
6 inputs, 6 tracks for recording. Logical is not it? ditto for the exits. it is in FW, is a road all alone with only 16 I / O grate. DCON is not. hold even in a USB.


How long have you use it?
six months

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
the excellent quality price. one of the default map: CLAT SP / DIF noon. dbile. but not good for MIDI (me) is nothing.

Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
prs little everything is done by PCI (Motu, Creamware, RME) and FW (Motu, Mbox, Edirol) on the Mac in recent years.

How do you report qualitprix?

Exprience with, you will do again this choice? ...
have a 3 cte cte would do well. well yes sr. is no doubt this time (09 2005) best capture card in the FW price.