PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

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dj-ad 06/20/2005

PreSonus FireBox : dj-ad's user review


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10/10 No complaints, no background noise, I did full tests with electric guitars, branch off, the microphones of a bottom scraper, the microphone gain on the card thoroughly , recording without playing a note, and total surprise ... c absolute silence!

The quality of the components is at the top, the design is deadly ...

something that bothers me enormously, they have not even planned an on / off button! Sometimes I leave the PC on and am forced to unplug the firewire cable 6/6pin to power off the card (it gets hot, I would not want the grill or the old prmaturement)

I used to dial in on my virtual pc input and output so I did not care ... The hand-outs and headphone out to me quite enough ...

But as I have given the inputs and outputs, suddenly, I start to work more srieusement the live (still virtual) I made the lctro ...

The quality components that I put myself more and more to do the recording of real instruments (bass, guitar and vocals) to incorporate into my music ... registration is a quality irrprochable!

No DSP, but I do not care much, the pluggins PC or MAC can often do better ... azu dtriment processor but certainly between quality and quantity effect effect, I choose quality so the DSP ... bof not need ...

Between a small phono me would have done anyway to save my vinyls ... (But you can always dbrouiller to plug in line with pramp phono or line stage)


Installation super simple ... some files that are installed on the PC, nothing too heavy compared to other brands ...

On the Mac OS comes with the drivers in the core audio !!!!! (You plug and it works (test on Mac OS 10.3)

I use it on an XP2000 + with XP SP2 with 1GB RAM ... and train a little ca ... My problem is the memory bandwidth (133MHz only) DDR strongly recommend ... I had to remove a maximum of PRIF on my Systm (3 SCSI drives, SCSI card, my backup DAT SCSI, cdrom, dvd player, TV tuner card, zip drive, floppy drive, d de-energized the COM ports, LPT ...) phew that's all

At the level of service I also virtual windows all the tricks that were used is nothing (network, printing, PNP, UPNP, security and everything else)

And it works, if not that, my firewire bus crashed (resetting the NEC Firewire card) and restarting I had to rebooted to correct the map ... The plant it again when I plug a USB key (but I know why this is my card which is plugged a USB2 hub that is rotten ...)

I must change the motherboard and RAM type ... and it will get better ... DDr Recommendation I tell you ...


The latency is great as long as the PC is fast and effective as RAM (again DDr high-speed recommended if you want to lower the latency to a minimum and if we want to avoid the microphone mute during calls intensive processor)

firewire AC disconnects, you branch, kidnap, you branch, kidnap ...
It is ultra compact, it can go anywhere ...


Report quality unbeatable price! !
I tried many things before (EMU 1820M, Plusar, Luna and others) and my choice is on the port because at Firebox potato reading record is incomparable! Also it is super easy to use (I think of the Creamware SCOPE platform, which infects thing ...)

In terms of gains in reading and recording, there is a monstrous margin ... samson resolv 50a I have, I lit it with the volume of a 10 ... on the map when I Exceeds 50% is ensured an earthquake! saturates and the sound does not always ... It is monstrous! This clarity I'm too happy ... I redcouvert cdthque my review and I had to work my way so I can work prcisement dsormais!

BRIEF nothing was wrong ... if not again have the DDR RAM is strongly recommended!
(DSOL for the hype but it's much more efficient ... mercurocrhome, mercurochrome ...)

Run to buy it! You will not regret it ...