PreSonus FireBox
PreSonus FireBox

FireBox, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

philtales 01/04/2012

PreSonus FireBox : philtales's user review

«  rather satisfied »

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I chose him after researching the web to its small size Anisi motivated my purchase some good reviews, but I do not remember very many details, the price probably 150euros.J 'm generally satisfied, I've never had any technical problems except sometimes a few disconnections (especially Avoid touching or even to touch the cable connection Firebox-laptop which is very sensitive). It should also avoid using it with too many electrical devices operating simultaneously in the same room. I plug in synths and guitars, a microphone, regardless of the source in fact.


On my PC I use cubase
I have no latency issues, or other driver, I have made no updates. I write so I only use a single track at a time, but there came in two


I have a little gallery for the instalation but back then I was really a blue cock in this area not a reference. In fact it is especially the instalation and registration that was tedious CUBASE (Cubase was joined with the PRESONUS), the manual was clear but I think you always have a bit of intuition in this kind of manipulation. The problem is that this kind of doc always seems made for engineers or at least knowledgeable technicians which is not always the case for users.


I think 2 years, 3 can be
I've never tried anything else since I've never had any problems
ease of implementation, simplicity. Sync problems with cubase, but rather just the problem of cubase, but nothing redibitoire, all finished pa work out.
very good value / price
I do it again the same choice even if I have a little concern about the compatibility of the firebox with Newest computer, I will inquire about it the day my old Medion laptop I loose.