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stompboxjon 04/03/2012

PreSonus FireStation : stompboxjon's user review

« firewire is fast »

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The Presonus Firestation is the perfect interface for recording into your computer DAW. Plus its very affordable so it’s a win win for all of us! A couple things that I love about Presonus is they always keep you updated with product updates in this case new drivers. But you really wont need different drivers if its working fine and you don’t make any major changes with your daw then you should be ok. But if you do need an update Presonus will take care of it without a problem or if you are having in issues at all give presonus a call and they will take care of you without any questions they provide some of the best customer service I have every experienced with buying gear.


I have experienced NO latency when using this with firewire. Its really fast, but there really is no such thing as 0 latency, but It feels like there is none which is hard to accomplish when it comes to hardware and software linking together. Make sure all of your audio cable’s and stuff are going straight from your get to the Firestation with no connectors or anything like that. Remember the more things (connectors/cables) you have between your gear and your interface causes lag issues big time.


No compatibility issues at all, works like a charm and the manual is easy to understand if you need it. Which you probably wont.


Overall, great piece of hardware. I was using usb before this interface. This was my first firewire interface and I am hooked on firewire now. Its just so much more responsive and quick. This is a great value for the price and these things go bloody cheap online! Look around on eBay and check some of the prices, most of them even come with some sort of a DAW just incase you have none this will be an all in 1 package for you.