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PreSonus FireStudio
PreSonus FireStudio

Thread PreSonus FireStudio Questions

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1 PreSonus FireStudio Questions
Hey, im thinking about buying a FireStudio, this is what im planing on using it for whilst recording a album track-by-track...

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Guitar Tracks With A SM 57

Vocal Tracks With A Legend Axis 5 Studio Condenser

8 Track Drum Recording with 5 SM 57's, a Shure Bass Drum Mic... (Not Shure on the name :P) and 2 shotgun overhead mics.

All recorded with SONAR 7 Producer Edition

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Some other things you many need:

Computer Specs:

HP Pavilion Laptop Running Windows MCE

1.8GHz Core Two-Duo

512MB of RAM (Bit sketchy i know, but i only have 2 slots and the RAM is made up of two 256MB sticks... So if i buy 1 Gig more i only gain 256MB :mad:)

And has a fire-wire port on the side, its about .75mm wide (rough by-eye estimate, cant be stuffed finding a ruler lol) so I'm not sure if its big enough because on the back of the FirePod the fire wire port is bigger.

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I have been fairly thorougher with explaining my setup, but if you need more information just ask :)

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Now for the questions....

Will the FS work in sonar (i have heard people saying that it doesn't work with sonar... has anyone had any problems?)

Will it record the drum's onto all separate tracks in sonar (I'm certain it does, just making sure tho)

Is there anything else on the market for the same price that is better for what i am doing?

Will my computer be able to record all 8 tracks at once with its current power?

Is my fire-wire port the right size?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!