PreSonus FireStudio Project
PreSonus FireStudio Project

FireStudio Project, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus in the Firestudio series.

mrjason 03/06/2013

PreSonus FireStudio Project : mrjason's user review

« works fine, preamps are decent »

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The PreSonus FireStudio Project is a rackable interface that is 10 by 10 with 8 mic preamps and digital ins and outs as well as analog ins and outs. It comes with recording software that I was not a fan of because I felt like it was very basic and it was difficult to work with 3rd party plug ins with it.


Setting this interface up with the “Artist Recording Software” was simple, but I wanted to use it with Cubase and that took a little more wheeling and dealing because for some reason I was having problems getting Cubase to recognize it. Eventually I got it to work properly and start recording right. The microphone preamps are pretty good, they are clean and quiet and do not color the recording sound at all. I did notice that recording vocals with this interface sounded a lot better than recording instruments with it. I didn’t think that it was a microphone issue as much as it was with the preamps and the interface.


The monitoring is very close to 0 latency. It came with a bunch of drum loops and instrument plug ins that worked with Studio One software. Studio One software works great with this interface is you want to use it but I have moved on from it by the time I got this interface. Studio One is one of those programs that the user will eventually outgrow when they want to get into adding plug ins and other effects into it.


This interface is rackable taking up 1 rack space and for the money it is built really good. It has 8 mic preamps and phantom power. It is no Bus powered though so it does require a wall connection. This interface is not portable and belongs in a home studio that works with FireWire connections.