PreSonus FireStudio Project
PreSonus FireStudio Project

FireStudio Project, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus in the Firestudio series.

hazafa 03/28/2013

PreSonus FireStudio Project : hazafa's user review

«  electronic too fragile .. »

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Home studio and live use to manage input / output 8 lines.
Battery recording
midi input and digital I / O
I know others that are very well FireStudio.

Used with pre-amp TLAudio lamp with various microphones (AKG C414, SE electronics, SM 57 ...)
with computer dedicated to her: 4g ram ... quad-


The drivers are stable despite some stalling on major projects.
Latency is 6 to 8 ms no problems managing the large mix full of plugs and beats with Ableton and Virtual cubase sx


bof is installed there is not the same steps in the manual but it works.
The general config is top and super clear


I have 4 years
From the first use as with a keyboard config in cable connect the FireStudio noon on the map unhooked without stopping! Large series of bug and unexpected flashes ... impossible to manage the problem, I call the sav it to me again.
Second card same config (only yamaha keyboard midi connected behind the sound card) same concern and even worst christmas tree unstoppable! all LEDs are flashing in all directions when nothing is plugged in (except the keyboard) ... the card dies!
third card after resumption of the second service I decided to buy a converter midi / USB no longer pass over the map .. no problems flashing .... there's 240 in the south ..??

For a year the card break problems preamp that spits everywhere and have absolutely no gains ...
with a static sensitivity 10mv/pa gain is pushed to the maximum without the input reaches saturation ... and that on every input! (no pad no ..
I have therefore no part functioning normally ...
The volume controls have always cracked when I turned.

I specify that I take great care of my equipment and that the card has never blurry its shelf the connection / disconnection are rare.

What is so special that you like most and least?
+ Number inputs / outputs
+ Pre amp sound not too bad when they walk
+ Software management truly comprehensive map
+ Management phantom power per pair

- Quality electronics too fragile
- Noon
- Not sure at all live!

Short as problems with a card that may seem attractive.
Instead, choose the model below which works very well (FireStudio) cascade without latency config mac, motu or bought in the price range!
I now I take it as Apogee we talk more!