PreSonus FP10
PreSonus FP10

FP10, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

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stompboxjon 08/29/2012

PreSonus FP10 : stompboxjon's user review

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The PreSonus FP10 use to be called the “FirePod” and it has 8 different PreSonus microphone amps which is really a lot of power for your home set up. It feels like they made this interface for the home musician but I really don’t know many musicians from home that would need that many microphone inputs at home. Maybe someone who is mic’ing up a whole drum set, or a large band would need that much but it was too much for use to use for a small set up.


There are 2 Fire Wire ports on the PreSonus FP10, this will make it easy to use more than one FP10 at the same time because you can firewire them together if you needed more inputs. But you wouldn’t need that unless you had a lot of different stuff going on that needed to be recorded. But its nice to know that you have that feature available just in case you might need it down the road.


There are no compatibility issues with the FP 10, every thing seems to work great and the set up was very easy. There is not anything that’s complicated with this unit, its pretty much plug your stuff up and start recording. It does come with a manual but we didn’t even open it out of the plastic it was wrapped in. There was just no need to use the manual. All of the functions of these unit are easy to use and to understand. The unit is rack able and will take up 1 rack space.


Overall, the PreSonus FP10 is very well built and strong taking up minimal rack spaces while still giving your plenty of inputs to plug microphones into right on the front of the unit. So if you put it on your rack you wont have to get behind it to plug anything in. Well great audio interface with a lot of inputs. Make sure you have a fast computer though so you don’t experience any latency.