PreSonus FP10
PreSonus FP10

FP10, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

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PectusOrisConcept 11/05/2005

PreSonus FP10 : PectusOrisConcept's user review


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I want something that allows me to save multiple sources without external mixing desk prampli or externally with a 24-bit quality ...
The device should I use my own composed CRER and save amateur groups who do not have a lot of ways ...
I have a P4 3 Ghz HT Technology, a Samsung 120 GB hard drive, 1GB of ram ...
I plug it in midi keyboard matre, and some microphones and a guitar


The installation was done without any problem! 3 times in 2 movements, install it (just follow the instructions, but everything remains easy to understand ... trs)

Finds no incompatibility: the whole is stable rev ... I just have a problem (yet non rsolu) with
recording VSTi instruments: Cubase LE (came with) plant! Pinnacle Ct assistance (and no, not a Steinberg that distributes this software ...), I trsdu! But hey, it's only the software supplied with the FIREPOD and running perfectly for recording multitrack audio and, in addition, FREE!!

Gnrale configuration is very simple and effective for CASC!

The manual is trs thin, but still more than enough!


The drivers are stable trs trs! I am delighted!

I use it with Cubase LE (included) and tried it with Samplitude, Cubase SX2 ... Frankly, it can connect gnial 8 microphones to make a balance with the volume buttons for each input and situs in faade, and especially with clip indicators (= ment in F ade ...) and the virtual table mix Cubase! The monitoring is done in real time and without latency!

Same for playing VSTi! I went down 2 ms and runs without problem! but frankly, to work comfortably, you can climb 18 ms, which is excellent!

Dj I recorded a band with up to 6 simultaneous tracks: no problem!! I think 8-track, a would not be a problem! You should know that the firewire (2 ports ...) for connecting a second Firepod, which would make 16 tracks!
About reading, I'm all up about 17 tracks, with several virtual effects and turn the fire god !!!!!!!!!


I use it for about 3 months, but I can say that dj is a bomb!

I will say that, apart from my problem VSTI to record in real time with Cubase (a not from the FIREPOD as a trs works well with Tracktion software!), I am delighted this stuff and did not find any default! The pramplis have a quality that I do not even have supper (you must hear the sounds of a guitar plugs directly into one of two instrument inputs: the sound is powerful and pr cis!) for the hardware of this award ...

Before I pass by a maximum sound home studio pro 64 and then by an ISIS ... I recorded a band with this dernire .... .... .... .... NO COMPARISON!! What of food since I oxygne the Firepod!!

And then regarding the price !!!!! 699 for such happiness ... Relva of a miracle! THANK PRESONUS allow those who have not too many ways to accder the quality without compromise!

Needless to say, if c'tait again, I would ask myself the same question ... not DARK !!!!!