PreSonus FP10
PreSonus FP10

FP10, FireWire audio interface from PreSonus.

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artrock13 12/03/2004

PreSonus FP10 : artrock13's user review


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I wanted something fairly comprehensive number of input / output, preamp, power supply 48v, connectors, etc. .. for use mainly home studio without burden myself with a table, rack diverse ... well the full 8 c / o neutrik (jack and XLR), 8 preamp, phantom power supply 8, MIDI I / O, etc.. ..

My pc config is: Pentium 4 2.8GHz with 1GB of DDRAM, Abit IS7 motherboard ...

used to record all sources, guitar, bass .....

The FIREPOD comes with Cubase LE (version Allgemeine down on SX), which allows small to something fun.


Installation is a letter in the mail, no problems of incompatibility, the general config is not taking it head puique al is configured to install and to change it has 4 settings: Sample rate, clock source latency and cpu
The manual is in English but illustrates the different phases of the installation of the card and Cubase LE


J ai branch of Fostex PM1 over no problem very good sound, the drivers are remarkably stable, and new drivers expected soon and will give the possibility to use several FIREPOD together. I turn Cubase SX2 and I have a fixed latency of 8ms which is very comfortable, but I n is not really tried to push lower.
for recording day I tried going on four tracks simultaneously ca nickel and read about 10 audio tracks and two afternoon with VST and DirectX effects, it goes nickel ... I have not yet tried to push the capabilities of the card, but given its great stability I think have no surprise then ..


I use it several weeks ago, very practice the firewire, the mixer input / playback, the headphone jack ... etc.

for the rating being very satisfied with this product and have no problem I could see no reason to not put all ten. but as I have above precise I did not push to see the possibilities, but already running the ca nickel ..

It is a very good product with good potential, fairly complete, if I had to buy a card at the same price that would be ca l.