Audiofanzine FR 11/28/2008

Prism Sound Orpheus : Audiofanzine FR's user review


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(Originally written by el gregos/translated from Audiofanzine FR)
Several professionals recommended me to buy this jewel...

It was not easy to get the money!!!

I wanted the best gear for my productions!

Now I have it! I tested lots of devices so you can trust me!!

I started with an Mbox 2 (very good value for money).

After that I used a Fireface 400 (also very good value for money).

I also bought a Universal Audio 2192, which is a converter not a sound card. I used it with the Fireface 400 and I was disappointed... The price doesn't justify the difference...

I sold everything again to buy this jewel, which I combine with a wonderful Avalon 737 SP preamp and an AKG 414C mic.


And now to get to the bad points...

The installation is very problematic!!

But Prismsound makes updates constantly so it's very stable now...

At least with my setup!

I use it with Ableton Live 7.

With a powerful PC or Mac computer you get a pretty low latency!

The user's manual is clear.


See above!



I've been owning it for two months.

Pros: exceptional sound quality for recording and mixing!!

It's much better than everything I've previously owned!

Considering its sound the value for money is excellent!!!!!

Cons: price... and considering nobody sane would sell it you'll have to buy it new! :-)

I'm pretty sure I'd buy it again!!!

Adieu RME, Mbox 2 and Universal 2192!!

If you have the money don't hesitate to buy it!!!!

You won't be disappointed!!!