Allen & Heath ZED-436
Allen & Heath ZED-436

ZED-436, FireWire/USB/mLan Mixer from Allen & Heath in the ZED series.

mrjason 03/06/2013

Allen & Heath ZED-436 : mrjason's user review

« Very easy to work with during a live show. »

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The ZED 436 is a great mixer to use for a live show or event. There are 32 channels and it can connect to a computer via USB connections quickly and easily. The design of this mixer is one of the best ones that I have ever seen. It is big, but it is sleek with smoothly rounded edges and a beautiful finish on it. There are 6 aux sends in total and 4 sub groups that come from each of the channels. There is also a direct output on each mono channel.


You can easily see your levels on this mixer because there is a peak and signal light/indicator on each and every channel. Each channel also has 48 volt phantom power. All of the connections and the controls are right on the main surface of this mixer for easy switching and routing. It is easy to set this mixer up if you have to move it because there is no need to have to get behind it for any reason. It is a well organized mixer and simple to work with.


The USB connection worked great with Cakewalk which is what software came with this mixer (Sonar LE). This mixer is very easy to work with in Sonar and set up all of the patching and plugging. I am not a huge fan of Sonar but working with it and this mixer has been pretty fun and easy.


There is a 4 band sweep able hi and low/mid EQ on channels 1 to channel 32, and a 4 band EQ on the stereo channels. There are 4 bus groups and 41 x 100 mm faders. It doesn’t have any effects but if you work in Sonar you can also add some effects as you go just as easy. This mixer is very expensive and is geared more to companies and events that hold live shows.