Allen & Heath ZED-R16
Allen & Heath ZED-R16

ZED-R16, FireWire/USB/mLan Mixer from Allen & Heath in the ZED series.

mrjason 03/06/2013

Allen & Heath ZED-R16 : mrjason's user review

« Worth the high price »

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The Allen & Heath ZED-R16 has 16 mic preamps and 16 channels. There are 4 band EQ’s and even MIDI controls. There is phantom power on each channel which I found to be a huge help making each individual channel usable for use, and there is even the full 4 band EQ on each channel. The only option this board didn’t have that I wish it did was some effects. It would have been really nice to at least have some basic reverb and chorus effects.


This analog mixer can be connected to my computer via firewire without any issues. The mixer is rather large though taking up a lot of desk space and it cannot be racked. This is something to take into consideration before purchasing because it was a lot bigger than I expected. All of the mic inputs are XLR connections. There are even 4 ¼ aux outputs and 2 XLR outputs going to the main speakers.


This mixer has plenty of features, to work with and it is very solid. Outside of it not having any effects it is still very good and can work with effects via DAW. It is built well and despite its size it is not very heavy. I would not say it is portable though due to the fact that it is pretty big but if you needed to move it from place to place it could be done easily. The faders are 22x60 mm and made very well.


This mixer is worth the money, I have used other Allen & Heath mixers before and they have never given me any issues. All of their products seem to be well built and last a long time. The price of this mixer is pretty high but it has great preamps on all channels. The preamps are warm and quiet, we really didn’t even need 16 at the time but have grew into them and are still using this mixer frequently.