Behringer Xenyx 302USB
Behringer Xenyx 302USB

Xenyx 302USB, FireWire/USB/mLan Mixer from Behringer in the Xenyx series.

bazzzoukk 01/09/2013

Behringer Xenyx 302USB : bazzzoukk's user review

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Characteristics are well on the site Berhinger!


How to use this mini console? That s the question.
Personally, I have bought to replace the sound card of a laptop, and she used to read audio clips that I Ableton with a midi foot pilot during live performances singing with a guitar-TC Helicon Voice Live touch. I go out of hand the mini console in the entrance to the TC. Result, almost nothing to carry, and its super effective.
Another use when I travel with my guitar amp on battery Roland AC33, she serves as a multi-effect, always on the input amplifier. I can also how to connect a microphone and guitar added. The unit is self-powered, no need for 220v, and the quality is top.
Third use a stereo output capture my analog console.
Fourth, a portable mini home studio when I go on vacation and want in a small suitcase.


No breath, one preamp, but the same as the XENYX series, c is to say
quite correct.


J uses many consoles have pros in the job, the list would be too long. For my home studio, I have more than n controllers. However, I have a good soundcraft that I use for small prestas characters, and I had no one there XENYX 1222 USB that I have sold to replace the self-powered mini console much easier to transport and more satisfied simply has my uses cited above.

I love his little high latency, low enough say, and I love the ability to turn a laptop into a mini studio n anywhere. Effects included with the consoles are of good quality, though for my part j uses above all other plugins. The pre-amp is good headphone, I often use a sennheizer monitoring rather upscale, special no problem, c is certainly no comparison with a direct connection to a PC.

For the price, there is no better choice USB card, and more the look is really great, it is not plastic, and it's definitely worth the money.
D in this game aillor price, it nya no competitor, and c is almost a gift that makes us Berhinger.