Behringer Xenyx 302USB
Behringer Xenyx 302USB

Xenyx 302USB, FireWire/USB/mLan Mixer from Behringer in the Xenyx series.

nan3200 08/01/2013

Behringer Xenyx 302USB : nan3200's user review

«  great if .... »

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Micro console, not rackable, no built-in effects.
USB connection and power!

has a mic / line input, a stereo line input if we pass the usb, and a magnetic loop, very convenient.
some buttons to route but basically it is very convenient as it allows to pass a sound on the headphones and not on hand and vice versa!


this table is simple to use, connections, the manual is brief, but do not need more.
the buttons are small but at this price, this is the norm.


sound, much worse than a dedicated audio interface is still very usable.
do not touch the EQS, do not exceed the levels (0) and all will be well advised.

not much wind on the mic, no usb on.

a good alternative to a PC sound card, which will be much more than a media card.
and buttons, it is significant!


for a year, without really knowing the problems, at this price, we must admit the logical boundaries;
the sound is ok, not great.
the possibilities are enormous for its size and price.
the pilot (on site) is simple and not fortiche in asio;
using ASIO FOR ALL solve problems.

in short, a cheap mixer, tailored to some specific needs (playing an instrument guided by a backing track with his pc, run a signal to an output and another to another, studio podcast) at a great price light and that works very well if you pay attention to its natural limits: D