Mackie ProFX8
Mackie ProFX8
sw80 10/10/2012

Mackie ProFX8 : sw80's user review

« For the solo performer  »

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The Pro FX8 is a 8 channel mixer that comes with effects right on the unit. The FX8 is a smaller mixer but packs a powerful punch with all of its features. It allows you to stream and record through USB. This mixer is perfect for performing in a smaller club or for someone who performs solo by themselves. All of the preamps have high headroom and some really good effects and EQ ability. The RMFX are 32 bit effects that add some style to your mixes.


The Pro FX8 is very simple to use, there really is not a set up process and no manual is needed to learn to use the FX8. The unit is very well built like most of the Mackie mixers that they have come out with over the last few years.


It has 8 channels with no direct outputs. You will need to connect it to your PC via USB. There are a 3 band channel and 7 band stereo EQ. Being that this is an affordable mixer and doesn’t have all of the great features of expensive boards, it does not have a Talkback option which is why it is more for personal and home use. The unit is pretty light and can be taken with you from place to place without feeling like you are lugging around more heavy gear on top of what you already have to carry.


If you are a small club performer or a solo musician, then this mixer will fit you perfectly. It has all of the effects and features you need to add to your sound and your mix. It cost less than 250.00 dollars and it is well built. I have been using this mixer for certain projects since August of 2011 and have not had a single issue with it and don’t think they I every will.