Mackie ProFX8
Mackie ProFX8
jjjjj 02/16/2012

Mackie ProFX8 : jjjjj's user review

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The mixer is a Mackie ProFX8 mini USB console equipped with effects, it has preamps Mackie low-noise, high headroom as well as 16 effects using the new 32-bit embedded processor RMFX (Running Man FX).

Slices of the mixer Mackie ProFX8 have a 3-band active EQ, auxiliary outputs for external effects processors, as well as 60mm faders.

Monitors and Main outputs for their benefit a stereo 7-band equalizer and a graduation level by LEDs, while the input / output USB allows the export mix with the software included Tracktion 3 Music Production.

The Mackie ProFX8 is a mixer that has 4 channels with mic / line inputs, two stereo line inputs with. Each microphone input has a low-cut filter at 100Hz.

A channel dedicated stereo line level is also present, as well as a stereo return for keyboards, effects processor or playback.

An entry that DI is also present, allowing direct connection of a guitar or bass.


Everything is simple and intuitive


Very good, little breath, good eqhualiseur


Excellent stuff is just unfortunate that the A / D converter has standard quality.
Bits 92Khz/24 a model would have been welcome. But for the price it is great.

USB noise problems are resolved by the latency of the soundcard to 256 to 512 samples in the buffer.

In summary, excellent product and ratio Q / P. This is a mixing desk, high-quality but small group and record layouts.
Do not plan to use with a DAW, latency too long and some short sample. If it is not beyond the scope of its use, it remains unbeatable ratio Q / P.

Good music