Mackie ProFX8
Mackie ProFX8
yoTrakkz 10/06/2011

Mackie ProFX8 : yoTrakkz's user review

« decent mixer for the price »

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The Mackie Pro FX 8 packs a lot of power in a small footprint. While being small, it is built to take the knocks of the road and satisfies the home user as well. The effects are quality and after a little usage time you quickly learn the nuances and sweet spots of the mixer to suit your needs. Both Condenser and Dynamic mics are satisfied with it's onboard power. I'd recommend this to anyone needing a smaller mixer but still wanting quality


I had no problems getting started with this mixer, the Mackie Pro FX 8 runs great!


Very low noise and very smooth sounding, crystal clear sounding.
My AKG C 535 condenser mic sounds amazing through this mixer.
The good thing is that it is smaller and lighter then the previous DFX 6.
What I like about this mixer is for the price you get great features,
a stereo 7 band graphic EQ.


This mixer produces a good clean sound to the new powered QSC K 12's I have. More head room overall from the board on the Mackie 808s powered mixer I just retired. The board design has good quality with the knobs and sliders with the exception of the EFX selector knob, which seems of less quality from the rest of the board. The EFX are clean and clear, however my ear does not hear a distinct difference in several of the 16 selections. Overall though a good deal for the money. Note..This is the only board of it's size that has graphic EQ for controlling Mains or Monitors..I checked several other brands for that feature and other than Carvin (8 channel only) this is it. If keeping a setup simple with good sound and a lot of features in a compact setup is important, then this is the main show in town. If not the only!