Mackie ProFX8
Mackie ProFX8
country_boy_fr 04/22/2010

Mackie ProFX8 : country_boy_fr's user review


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No rack
Effects intgrs
Sold as table mix with USB. That would be true if it were not for background noise 1 kHz ...
Out USB seems to be a good hardware, but I IMMEDIATELY sent back the where I had bought because the USB problem is unacceptable.
I do not dare to sell such a Mackie hardware


Configuration very simple, very good manual rewrites and humorous (yes!).
The design of this table is good, too bad it EHJV numrique ...


Yes, it has that is the gte.
For audio hardcore, no problem.
For the home studio with recording via USB: Forget l.
I saw (too late) that this problem of extraneous noise silent ProFX8 all common (and probably ProFX12 - A vrifier)


I used a total of 1 hour before calling the German seller for him to return soon ...
What I like most is the design and simplicity of use.
What I like least is the noise on the USB port.
What I like even less is that Mackie still sell this model when they know (necessarly) that this presents an unacceptable default.
I had previously (although Chinese sr) a Phonic MM1202XP I'll sell.
And I just bought a Behringer Xenyx 1222X USB.
I judge the relative quality and price I do wrong Rasht in any case this model.
Furthermore, although me calm on the brand Mackie ...