Yamaha Audiogram 6
Yamaha Audiogram 6
nico77580 02/16/2009

Yamaha Audiogram 6 : nico77580's user review


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Deja Vu


Trs easy to use:
_on Can listen via the PHONES tracks recorded in Cubase dj and listen over the short instrument with volume knob for everyone!
_on Puts the level was about 1 hour, you go up the gain until you hear perfectly with minimal noise, and then adjusts the signal compression (COMP) to obtain a subjective level reinforced .... APRS is for you to play!



The sound is niquel, a gaff, but not too up the gain, otherwise there will be the breath!
Almost no latency ...

Hic small, with my guitar and my amp plug into the little toy, I get her a mediocre but better to register in this case with a microphone in front of the amp (I have tested directly, by plugging Jack the entry out of my amp!)!


Trs good product, trs versatile!
Test with acoustic electric guitar, Synthtiseur, Micro and Electric Guitar!

Nothing to say, Bravo!