Yamaha MG206C-USB
Yamaha MG206C-USB

MG206C-USB, FireWire/USB/mLan Mixer from Yamaha in the MG USB series.

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tyler core 10/26/2007

Yamaha MG206C-USB : tyler core's user review


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- Is the rack?

- How many lanes, bus attendant, of dparts, returns ...)?
20 tracks including 16 with XLR

- What is the type of connectors (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)?
XLR, jack and some RCA to connect a turntable ...

- The qualiseur paramtrique is it?

- The effects section is it intgre? ...
No, but I think all fawns effects Intgr the consoles are often quite bland.


This console is really trs complte and easy to use.
The manual is accessible and trs provides only the strict ncessaire: some say it's advice on using a few rules for the bases. As against it is quite clear on the technical specifications and does not seem to find a weakness to hide as many manufacturer (usually, other prfrent not go into too much dtails).

In fact, I Tlcharger the manual before buying it for it to be our answer sr my needs (notement page synopsis on the console).

I advise all INTERESTED possibly to do the same, which will be much clearer than looking at any résumé by its CHARACTERISTICS ...


FYI I just receive it (there are only 3 hours).

I tested quickly:
The sound is clean and neutral trs, almost a little too, but the characters at a price much lev.
Level breath, trs is correct, much better than the Behringer & co ...
The micro pramp remain clean enough share in the last 2-3 millimtres race of winning. But even better is when my buddy pramps M-Audio (which a lot of people say pretty clean ... everything is relative, especially compared to the price).

The qualisation is effective and does not add Gnant breath (very lightweight). I test on a snare drum with a harmonic rule too and 5s, I was able to rectify the semi SETTING THE mdium paramtrique (gender-4dB @ 250Hz). Say anything, it's pretty prcis.

The routing switches are trs discreet, no clicks that make it difficult to monitors and especially our ears (personal, I have not heard a sound by pressing it. And also to say how it clean, and well, I thought that no same slice n'tait active, so the breath is not felt.

On small compressors in the first 8 channels, I really thought c'tait gadgets, and finally, even if I would not venture at this time, make a sound recording to record with, I ' admits that they are really discrete trs, free of noise as to whether they are not dcoration.
Well no! This little Designed Systm is relatively well because no matter rglage the sound is not pumped. The levels are very well trs prservs without even the diffrence in size, the more you compress, the more its light appears but Manir cohrente.
Everyone will say it's the same base of the compressor, but if you have less Submitted sensation of lower volume levels on strong to help pass the weak. It plays like a volume knob that CONTRL that sounds less strong progressive Manir trs. It's pretty subtle, but if you're careful, it's obvious.

The only point that I ESG is that the gain of pramps microphone is a little too hard even to a minimum (16 dB) and hit with a condenser microphone or without attnuateur -10 - 20dB snare a fast clip trs trs ds not play that jazz ...

We can not have everything ... even if I would have found more useful than a compressor ...


As I said, I just have it, but I'm used to test the hardware. In fact I produced and I rpar but in a price range more leve ...

I bought it because I needed a console to a recording and I could not wait for a bigger machine.
I use a lot of pramp rack so the carctre and color I am quip. I had to console a reliable, fairly transparent, with little background noise and above all a price not too high right now.

In my exprience APRS, Yamaha dfendbien in these areas, and I think given the price diffrence with Mackie, we gain; not really about noise, but one less console mackie 2000, when the knobs are a novelty uss not take the blow to the head of the repair is not that (much like the stereo and PC today).
Yamaha MG206 is the same thing as Likelihood almost all consoles less than a few thousand euros for homestudio, but left to buy disposable, as far as is reasonably priced and good.

That said, it does not Camelott, nor Mackie.
For a group that wants to register with some good microphones, and a bit of experience, the tour is played.

I complterai this post a few times to confirm what it is worth, but I think Yamaha will rhausser qualitprix the report in this price range, as one does in others.