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Flux :: launches subscription system

After Avid, Slate, McDSP and probably others, Flux :: has also opted to offer a subscription offer for its plugins - but you'll still be able to buy.

Flux:: subscription licensing offers access to the brand’s most popular plug-in bundles with either a monthly or yearly subscription plan. Flux:: subscription licensing requires an iLok account (with the possibility to choose between authorizing directly on the computer without a dongle or to an iLok2 usb dongle – iLok1 not supported), as well as a Gobbler account for the subscription, billing and license management etc (just an advice: if you can, check if Gobbler installs properly on your system first, before subscribing. You never know…).

In the same time, all Flux :: products will still be available as perpetual licenses, and current owners are eligible to special loyalty price on the yearly subscription plans, and up to six months of free subscription to one of the subscription plans (with the number of free months based on which plug-ins they already own). And of course, they won’t have to surrender their licence for owned products either.

Four packs are available:

  • The Elemental Pack includes Pure Compressor v3, Pure Expander v3 and Pure Limiter v3. Monthly subscription is $9.99, yearly subscription is currently available for $79.99 as an introductory price (instead of $99.99).
  • The Recording Pack includes Pure Compressor v3, Pure Expander v3, Pure DCompressor v3, Pure DExpander v3, Pure Limiter v3 and Epure v3. Monthly subscription is $14.99, yearly is currently available for $129.99 (instead of $159.99).
  • The Mastering Pack includes Solera v3, Epure v3, Elixir v3 and Pure Limiter v3 for $16.99 a month, or $149.99 a year as a launching price (full yearly fee will then be $179.99).
  • Finally, the Full Pack includes Alchemist v3, Solera v3, Pure Compressor v3, Pure Expander v3, Pure DCompressor v3, Pure DExpander v3, Pure Limiter v3, Elixir v3, Syrah v3 and Epure v3 for a monthly subscription of $29.99, or $269.99 for a whole year (once again as a specia introductory price instead of $319.99).

Additional discounts and special offers are also available for current owners of Flux :: plugins, more details are available directly at the brand’s website.

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