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SeriesFocusrite Clarett

Thread Running 8preX into a mixer, no computer; would this work?

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1 Running 8preX into a mixer, no computer; would this work?
Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum. I am not super technically inclined, but I'm not hopeless :lol:

Right now, I am brainstorming about some ways I can monitor my drum mics (going into the 8preX) and audio from another computer through one set of in ear monitors. That got me thinking if I even need a computer to use the 8preX if I'm not recording?

Here's my idea;

Have my mics run into the 8preX. From there, I would go out of output 9 and 10 on the back of the 8pre (which is defaulted to headphone 2, if I'm not mistaken) with TRS cables into a Behringer Xenyx 802's L and R inputs.

There, I could connect my laptop and monitor the 8preX signal as well as laptop audio.

I apologize if I am not making any sense, I can provide more information if need be. I also apologize if I have violated the forums rules in anyway.=

Thanks in advance
It seems to me, if you are already using a laptop to play audio, then you could just use the Clarett 8pre X and your laptop, and leave out the mixer. If your 8pre X is connected via Thunderbolt or USB to your laptop, then you can set the Clarett as the audio output device for your laptop. Then you can just plug your headphones into one of the headphone outputs of the Clarett, and use the Focusrite Control software to select the headphone out mix to make sure the DAW playback 1&2 is included in that headphone mix.
I do this all the time with my Clarett. No need for a hardware mixer with this setup, because you have the internal mixer inside the Clarett :)