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SeriesFocusrite Clarett

Thread Clarret 8pre thunderbolt 2

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1 Clarret 8pre thunderbolt 2
hello there. i'm using a Clarret 8pre thunderbolt 2 with a macbook pro with thunderbolt also (bigsur 11.2.1) so no adapter between them and the computer Do not recognise the clarret. i dont know why.. i've installed , reinstalled driver and focusrite control app and nothing happens. Focusrite Control sais "No Hardware Connected".

What im a doing wrong here? any tips?
should i downgrade OS on mac?

best regards.

I think as long as you have the latest Focusrite software for your device, there shouldn't be a comparability issue. Just make sure that the the Focusrite extention is not getting blocked. Read this article to see how to check if it is getting blocked. My advise would be to re-install the latest software again (even if you have already done that), but this time, as soon as you can after you install it, go check that Security & Privacy System Preference window. That warning message doesn't stay there for long before it disappears forever. Let us know if this helped.