Isp Technologies Decimator
Isp Technologies Decimator

Decimator, Noise Gate for Guitar from Isp Technologies.

wwhhhaatt 07/14/2011

Isp Technologies Decimator : wwhhhaatt's user review

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There is not much to describe in terms of features. This is a straight forward noise suppressor with one knob. It has standard 1/4" input and output jacks and a 9 volt dc power input jack. Rock solid casing similar to boss enclosures.


The simplicity of this pedal is what I love so much about it. It's just a simple pedal that hooks up like any other and only has one knob to control the noise. Other suppressors have multiple knobs to adjust but it seems like ISP has taken all the guess work out and make it just work. If you hear noise you turn it up til their is complete silence and then back it off just a bit so your notes do not get cut off. No manual needed and I do not recall if it even came with one.


I run a rather large pedal board into a high gain Framus cobra 100 watt tube amp. I generally play at a high volume level and this pedal simply works. I keep the pedal at the end of my signal chain just before hitting the amp. I tried running it in the amp's effects loop but the framus has too hot of a signal with the channel volumes cranked and it clips the input of the decimator. I had previously used the Boss NS-2 and it worked well but sometimes I did not like the cut off point. The boss also had more things to mess with which sometimes is good but I think a noise suppressor should be simple. The decimator is just that, simple and effective. I can easily get controlled feedback when needed and as soon as I mute with my hands I am awarded with silence.


If you nave any noise issues that are not related to grounding problems then you should pick one of these up. It is absolutely essential to my rig at this point. I have never had a noise suppressor that worked as well as this does without sacrificing sustain or tone. They make a higher end model now that has more options but I will stick with what I know works.