Isp Technologies Decimator
Isp Technologies Decimator

Decimator, Noise Gate for Guitar from Isp Technologies.

kinder_guano 03/16/2006

Isp Technologies Decimator : kinder_guano's user review


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Noise Suppressor format pedals, the Decimator me above the opening of the bobot: Casing is one of BOSS, no less!
Ms. pad, even one loose screw hand under the pad stack your checks, identical!
Well, it's super gun, all chrome: (watch out for fingerprints APRS an old Kbab families).
In one, an out.
9 volt outlet (- center), 35 mA. [edit] Barrel Boss 5.5x2.1 center ngatif
Chtite and red LED as well.
A Threshold knob graduated 10 -70 display all 10.
Made in Korea ... that price ...

She does dveloppe conjunction with the creator of the Hush by adding a trick chtit blablabla SPECIFICATIONS patent that allows you to better his job, including the staccato notes and all the subtleties of the game Pitit o a noise suppressor would base the street.
Rduction the hum of about 60 dB. De100dB more dynamic! It must have a sacred wafer, the keukine!


Nothing simpler. You put the knob at minimum, scratching his arm, it activates the pedals, and increases the level of the threshold until what was no more breath.
And it refines APRS, during a game

Normally it is recommended that the noise suppressor in inserting APRS all analog effects (modulation, EQ, etc., in general), and before the delay / reverb (numriques in general).

It is best to test all of the same DIFFERENT locations (out of guitar and before pramp before all the effects, etc).


Hop, they send the big guns: the pedals are raised in the insertion effect of my Engl Powerball, APRS all effects except the delay. I also test my pedals before modulation.
Upstream, a Jackson chtite SLSMG in EMG (81 and 60) and Lag Rockline ugly in Duncan (SH4/SSL1/SSL1), among others. And breath of all the single coils mamy Lag!

Well, I'll Epargne tests on all channels and go on the behavior-General for the pedals.

Knob at minimum (-70), saturated fat on channel 4, SLSMG. It blows. is incremented and bam! not even -40, has more background noise! I push toc for fun (10). The most carrment no sound! Awesome!
Well, hop, I play tranquillou: I try to crush my junk cat shot low frequencies and other palm mute, a little technique gaffophone.
B'en between each syncope (rhythm, not the cat!), Not a fart noise. But without me eat my sustain, without changing the texture of my sound!
Well, really clear that abusing the threshold (or such -10 0), we have more sustain, the sound is food. But there is no point to put the threshold too high, unless you have the 150 in a snap Roros PDAL mute.

Lag on, even rsultat: the asthmatic mamy do spit phlegm noisily over its single coils with wholesale saturax!

Well, returning to clean (with only ssl1 Lag in my Lony must aussittdsactiver the Decimator, otherwise it could sustain the dcim rglage for channel saturated since the hum is not noticeable in clean these single coils. For SLSMG in EMG, no worries, the threshold of silent rglage most parsimonious, therefore clean, I do not eat to sustain.

But the effectiveness is bluffing!


I had a Rocktron Hush The Pedal (see my opinion (% 2Cidproduit 2C39939.html%) on the thing). The shortcomings of the monstrous Hush pushed me to buy another noise suppressor, and I fell for the Dcimator, ultra effective and ultra chrome.

CHRE most certainly, but really useful.

Both the Hush is flipflaps trash, as long as the Decimator will stay on my pedalboard.

And loud and clear that day on I pass a rack config (we are still far!), It will be the Decimator ProRack to be in charge of small exterminatoin agaants noise, not a Hush!