Wharfedale EVP-15 Neo
Wharfedale EVP-15 Neo

EVP-15 Neo, Full-Range PA Speaker Cabinet from Wharfedale in the EVP-Neo series.

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Wharfedale EVP-15 Neo : Anonymous 's user review


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-How long have you use it?
Now eight months, and they come often enough (rack: hpa B1200 amp, compressor / gate dbx 266XL).

-Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
I have already used the JBL JRX 115, rcf art 312 and 315 SERIES, the peavey xt, Systmes triphonic of hk, the former EVPX SERIES, ect ... I also cost a lot of System.

-What is the particular feature you like best and least?
They are trslgres, appearance and finish strong, relatively compact (compared to JRX, I used prcdemment). The sound is not bad at all in the treble, not aggressive (even a little quiet when the compression the better with a real equalo), the yield is low plutt good. They have a lot of punch and are quite imbalances. In any case a long way for this new series (they sound better than EVPX). Look under "amateur" than the old SERIES EVPX too. Least, ben ca rest of entry level.

-How do you report qualitprix?
180 euros for speaker, not better!

-With the exprience, you do again this choice?
Forcment not, because buying a replacement (I bought a range over more time). In any case Premire advise pregnant, ca not run the portfolio and the quality is there.

Now that I hast lugging a lot I can give a more objective opinion: not bad at all so used (for the electro / DnB / ect ...), I am told quite often even When I organize evenings in small room the sound is good.
I also rcemment Sonoris a group of electro dub in a small room for a friend dpanner (2 synths + bass + guitar + vocal microphone, and various effects, guitar and bass by transplanted microphones on their respective scne amps, synths live on the console (01v yam, it n'tait not me but the group), the compressor connected between it and the amp. The battery n ' not taken for the silent faade, this both the small size of the room).
H t I surprised though as far as group members: ca sends clean and well (it's also not the EV eh, do not DCON). Clear sound, no flash, good intelligibility. I read reviews on it trsngatifs on other sites, I must say that considering the price I do not understand why (may be that if we do not know how to use the hardware that ach you ...)