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BSM J-Fuzz

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Bsm J-Fuzz
News Bsm J-Fuzz

Fuzz pedal from Bsm

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The BSM J-Fuzz stompbox is described as "a faithful recreation of the old original Jennings Fuzz from the late 60s."

Here’s the story, according to BSM:

“Tom Jennings was the founder and master-mind of the VOX company in the late 50s, companied by his friend and technician Dick Denney, who engineerd the famous VOX AC30 amp as well as the VOX Defiant transistor amp with a built-in fuzz circuit — both amps became well-known and famous because of the Beatles, who used this amps.”

“The Jennings fuzz, like most fuzz boxes at this time, used two silicone transistors, but had a much milder and rounder tone than all the others. With the volume control fully opened, the sound was warm, full and incredibly fat — a tone that reminds on an old germanium fuzz, very different from the typical penetrating silicone fuzz tone we all know. This fuzz circuit was engineerd by Dick Denney, and one of his master pieces.”

Some well-known users of the early Jennings fuzz (1st version) were Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Dave Edmunds, Paul McCartney and many more.

The J-Fuzz is true bypass and can be powered by battery or via the external power supply AC jack. The unit is covered by the typical european 2 year warranty.


For more information, visit www.treblebooster.net.

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