Dunlop Fuzz Face
Dunlop Fuzz Face

Fuzz Face, Fuzz pedal from Dunlop.


Dunlop Fuzz Face : Anonymous 's user review


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Power and battery powered only battery feared. Will have to use the drill for passing a spot.
1 volume, 1 Gain (fuzz).


Ben there is no simple 'end if the nano muff overdrive ...
But only on battery.


Often it is the pedal with this, believing her to return Hendrix; ben is not Hendrix and it was not his original stuff so it's wrong barr!

There's fuzz and fuzz.

I feel more like a BIG ultra fat and dirty overdrive / fuzz than a dark shade 100% fuzz, I play background volume knob and I gauge the gain according. With over low volume is closer to the typical fuzz but for once it sounds too bee and feeble. It is drier and a nasal big muff for example, much softer and less bumps into a fuzz war and greatly less dynamic than Zvex.

Nevertheless remains a very musical and although it is "dirty" must be precise in his game and his sound.
It may also like any fuzz pedals serve "warm up" the sound and / or granulis putting the zero gain, do with the volume and switch the amp distortion; may be trsmchant.

on the other hand it has a very organic and natural ct that I did not find my other fuzz (big muff, the vintage Russian through the bass big muff) is not dplaire. Under its action is the impression that the rope gets stuck in the button to become one.

This is a unique fuzz type, color, ractivit. Not bad current fuzz sound very well but like all too much.

After it is a very smooth fuzz, it's not sharp or loud for a pet so it's pretty nice.

What I like most is ct "overdrive" chubby on a single coil remains "clear" and dfini gnial for rhythmic, double switching from another c t and sends the classic "metal".

It's a she.

LEO is downright avoid!


I got 40 secondhand and I am aware that is not expensive at all and that even when it is a little more ...

I bought it because of an I-love fuzz (I basicly gently but surely) and that the golden opportunity was Introduced to me.
I do not have to buy the new car I really find too chre for his overall record against my sound and musical tastes.
There may well have such and such components overpriced nine.

I find the price not justified; saw the new price must be tested before purchase.