Dunlop Fuzz Face
Dunlop Fuzz Face

Fuzz Face, Fuzz pedal from Dunlop.

Hatsubai 11/25/2011

Dunlop Fuzz Face : Hatsubai's user review

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Probably the most famous fuzz user out there was Jimi Hendrix. He was a long time user of fuzz pedals to help boost his Marshalls into this insane overdrive that nobody else had going on at the time. His go-to pedal was the fuzz face, and it's still one of the most iconic pedals out there today, complete with its unique shape and its unique sound. The pedal has two knobs that you adjust for the volume and gain, so it's super simple to set up as well.


These things are crazy tough. I've had all kinds of different versions of these come in the shop ranging from the originals to the reissues, and they all withstood the huge amount of abuse that people run through these. The only real problem that ever occurs on these is that the switch will die after decades of hard abuse. Besides some stupid user error things (people plugging in the wrong adapter), there's not much to go wrong with these things. The knobs are laid out well enough to where you can easily see them and get to them. However, I'm not a huge fan of the shape, but I tend to prefer the smallest pedals you can possibly get.


The fuzz sounds great if you're looking for that old school, classic Hendrix fuzz. Anybody who has ever heard Hendrix's tone has heard this thing in use, and it's one of the most stand out sounds out there. It's not the most versatile fuzz out there. It only has two knobs, and its range is limited. It's also not exactly the most organic fuzz out there. I'd give that to the old school big muffs. However, for the fuzz sound that it delivers, I honestly believe nothing out there can really come close. It's a very solid sounding fuzz that delivers tone for days.


If you want that Hendrix sound, this is the pedal you want to get. It's organic sounding, has some good range on the knobs and can deliver a very solid fuzz that other pedals seem to forget. Today's pedals go for all kinds of crazy and wacky features, but they forget that some people are just looking for a classic fuzz. If you're one of those people, this is for you.