Electro-Harmonix Double Muff
Electro-Harmonix Double Muff

Double Muff, Fuzz pedal from Electro-Harmonix.

rhum66 06/25/2012

Electro-Harmonix Double Muff : rhum66's user review

«  The sound of HP charred!!! (Jack white) »

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I traded this pedal against a germanium OD EHX I could not serve me and that did not suit what I wanted.
To be precise, I was looking for exactly sound very dirty, beat-type HP, so a coarse and raspy little compressed.
I'm not a hardcore player or music Upset (without any contempt ...), I play blues-rock slide in and sometimes I wanted to recapture the spirit of a blackface, a little, fuzzy open " break up "but of course at reasonable volume.
Achieved. setting: dual mode Muff (or cascade), the two gains 9hoo, that will appear this "little slip", the hardcore players.
So this small adjustment, my deluxe reverb literally hums as if HP was going to tear, it's big, beautiful, deliciously dirty and especially very playable, the slurry is still controllable fuzz chrod in power, in the sixth riff or lead.
This pedal so effective as a napalm bomb on a rice field, except that it transforms into an ultra clean blackface amp super dirty, that no effect of poorly controlled frequencies, it is very medium, like a wahwah back in the grave, or a nasal side.


I'm not a pro, just a big fan.
What I like about this pedal is that I find the sound of thousands of blues rock albums I've heard ... the recipe is simple; Fender amp tube and big muff, a classic that can be found at the last style set by jack white.
after she probably faults, no level control (dual mode lme muff is a master volume), but a muff mode, it's dead, it necessarily plays hard ...
no adjustment of tone, it must be done on the amp. Pedal highlights of big media and tend to crush the other frequencies (for info. anyway).


Therefore, the bulk of throwing up his jack is white, a kind of spray explosive never aggressive, dirty sound a napalm that can scuplter the volume knob, direct at the entrance of blacface.


I try the big muff, but I found the sound a bit "too much", especially not compressed too terrible to simulate the sound of HP tired.
while the double muff is less fuzz, less compressed hence the coarser, more airy and natural.
Success in the domains grimey blues sounds.