Electro-Harmonix Double Muff
Electro-Harmonix Double Muff

Double Muff, Fuzz pedal from Electro-Harmonix.

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abdotrainer 05/20/2004

Electro-Harmonix Double Muff : abdotrainer's user review


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That's twice the circuit of muff fuzz of 1969, can be shuffled and the distortion of these two circuits with the two knobs, the switch slider to switch between single (single action circuit) mode double

For the polarity for power adapters, it's the least the center of the mini jack (that is not described in the instructions)


Very easy to use!

It's easy to see how to get the sound we're looking for, with only two knobs, the opposite was thundering t

Reduces the manual is a sheet that I have ever read, there's no need so it's easy


So for sound, it is more a distortion than a fuzz, but it is a distortion that becomes very hot and very dirty in dual mode, which reproduces a bit of a good era marshall (JCM800), a is very vintage.Idal amp for rock style reminiscent of 60/70.

When you push a little knobs dual mode, was immediately more modern, while remaining within the spirit of warm distortion is a distortion amp lampe.a dirtiest which becomes acidic enough fuzz pushing a little more

Because that's exactly what I want, I put 10, but will never match the music for extreme metal genre, that's the blues / rock.


I use it for almost a must .. FERP 3 months, and I still love it as much for its versatility and sound very chaude.pour those who can not afford a vintage tube amp, c is the hair.

The ratio quality price is more than adequate, given that as I paid 66 for this quality is almost donnbr />
I would do this choice hsiter