Stomp Under Foot Civil War
Stomp Under Foot Civil War

Civil War, Fuzz pedal from Stomp Under Foot.

denied 07/31/2011

Stomp Under Foot Civil War : denied's user review

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-Controls for volume, tone, sustain
- Totally handwired (breadboard style)
- Powedercoat paint job
- True Bypass
- High quality parts and components
- Powered by 9v battery or Boss style adapter
- Compact
- Bright LED battery indicator


It’s pretty much impossible to get a bad sound out of this one. Plug it in, dial it in and you’re set. Standard muff controls, the sustain knob really stands for gain/clipping. The pedal is very well put together, I’ve never had any reliability issues with it.
The big plus with this one is that it is so much smaller than the original vintage muffs, making it a lot easier to house on a pedalboard where real estate is scarce.
My one complaint is that one of the graphics painted on was not as durable, and started to wear off after a while. I know Matt has changed the design of this one, so this may have since been resolved.


This one is based off of the vintage EHX civil war muff, which you might recognize off a few Pink Floyd albums. This one is probably the most smooth and creamy of the muff sounds, and almost sounds more like a thick OD than a straight up fuzz. It has a pretty versatile range of tons, from really deep and muddy to crisp and gritty. It works beautifully paired with a nice OD pedal, I’ve had great results before with a Lovepedal Kanji. I’m not really a huge fuzz guy, but this one is by far my favorite.
The old EHX pedals where a little hit or miss as component values were not quite as consistent as they are today. Matt has basically recreated what one of the nicer sounding ones would have been, now on a consistent basis.


This is probably the only fuzz type pedal that I’ve ever really found usable in a wide range of settings. Anywhere from smooth and creamy to aggressive fuzz, it would be a great addition to any board. Matt at Stomp Under Foot takes great pride in his work and is one of the best and nicest builders currently on the market. I’d also highly recommend getting on his mailing list, it is full of special runs, contests, and deals. Bottom line is, if you are after a smooth fuzz type pedal, this is probably one of the better ones on the market.

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