Stomp Under Foot Civil War
Stomp Under Foot Civil War

Civil War, Fuzz pedal from Stomp Under Foot.

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Virtual Decadence 10/18/2011

Stomp Under Foot Civil War : Virtual Decadence's user review

«  His huge aggressiveness without »

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Value For Money : Excellent
See the opinion of Ronmo.


3 Button / 1 switch as usual on the Muffs. on the other hand, why on earth some manufacturers insist on putting the power jack on the side, it's so easy to have it over when you have a pedal board.


Well all said that the previous opinion is obvious even to people who do not know anything about Big Muff.

It's big, not even with the fuzzy hyper Sustain knob fully. Ideal for the power chord will sound 90's (if not "grunge). The level of serious immediately creates an effect of the sound barrier. I think a guitarist who plays with it risk of bitching bassist ( but the sound is great on a bass, you have to take the same in revenge).

As I also have a Russian Tall Font Wren & Cuff, I must say that this CWM is still quite different even though the spirit of Sovtek muffs is there. Both have less gain and fuzz that US versions, both have good bass (but the TFR has a little more). For cons, the TFR has slightly hollow mids (unless the US), while if it is limited in the CWM is almost like a lump in the same medium. Hence the impression of big sound that will be well manageable in a mix.


And well deserves its Stomp Under Foot (micro-) reputation. Pedal in a classy minimalism (not too much a Soviet look anyway), its a big but never fully rough (well it depends on the guitar with my Dano 59, I avoid fully sustain if I want to play more agreements of two notes).

A $ 172, fdpin is an excellent value for money.

Matt's boss SUF handles everything himself, we are in handmade boutique pedal. And so be patient. He had told me 12 weeks of time, I waited a little less than two months in fact.

And I want to go try his version of the Triangle or Ram's Heads 73. (Arghhh crisis GAS! I have more space on my pedal board)