Ableton Live 5
Ableton Live 5

Live 5, General Sequencer from Ableton in the Live 5 series.

theaudioandvideoguy 04/26/2012

Ableton Live 5 : theaudioandvideoguy's user review

« poor interface »

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Ableton Live 5 is a software that was given to me to try and I ended up buying it because I loved how easy it was too operate. This was many years back though. Also Ableton provides great customer service and tutorials on how to use Live 5 if you need it. This is a very powerful program and I think a lot of people just don’t know how good it really is. If you are coming from another midi sequencing program this one will look way out of wack to you. It really has its own look (interface) and it will probably confuse you. I had a tough time trying to use plug ins with it, I just couldn’t figure it out at first so I pulled out the manual and figured it out after about 15 minutes of searching and reading.


It performs great and didn’t crash or get buggy. It will provide a good sound quality but.. No matter what program you use you will probably have to purchase some external stuff like plug ins or other hardware for patches and sounds. Most built in stuff that comes with programs now are really cheesy or have been used a ton of times so you know exactly what sound it is if you hear it in someone else’s songs.


I wouldn’t use this software today because I am so stuck on other programs that I have been using so this one just sits on my laptop and doesn’t get touched. Maybe one day I will open it up and just mess around with it. But I don’t plan on using it any time soon. Maybe the interface is the buzz kill, and that’s the reason im not fond of the software. I like easy and simple interfaces that can be understood quickly, with Live 5 it just doesn’t have an easy interface.