Ableton Live 5
Ableton Live 5

Live 5, General Sequencer from Ableton in the Live 5 series.

le-blob 11/03/2005

Ableton Live 5 : le-blob's user review


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Laptop PIV 2.4 ghz 512ram hdd 7200t/mn
Nickel turns with lots of tracks and effects.
I use it live, it does not budge.
However, some problems of recognition for live sets created under 4.
I also realized with demos that will be online soon.


I want to add my voice to this chorus of praise to thank Ableton. I m'exploque.
Piano teacher in music school I wanted to live in aquérir license education as possible in Germany for example. Well in France niet! I contacted Ableton and it was gone (50%-cheap though). When sending planted and they sent me the version angnlaise. They then sent me the manual in French + goodies ... Sympa.
Since I am in regular contact with them and I can say it's a box with a great mentality is not like ...