Acoustica Mixcraft 6
Acoustica Mixcraft 6

Mixcraft 6, General Sequencer from Acoustica.

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Trantor 12/05/2012

Acoustica Mixcraft 6 : Trantor's user review

«  Efficient, intuitive and perfect for me. »

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(See below)


(See below)


I use Mixcraft 6, after 5, for some months now.
I'm not doing my clever, I know nothing. I have not compared with any other similar software.
That thing, it serves me just take her (two entries at a time, limiting my card), usually vocals and guitar, with a return of headphones, then arranging a little compo then (adding recording drums, mixing, balance, duplication of a sequence, adding effects). Sometimes it is used to add instruments to a sound track to WAV is another.
All that is installed on multiple computers.
VSt side, I do not need big things, I just added an equalizer, compressor, and the rest was already there (reverb, chorus).
Must also say that I take the microphone in front of his instrument and the HP
his voice output TC HELICON boxes.
I can not tell you my life for fun :-) but just to tell you to what extent I give my opinion about this product.
Well, that is perfect for me.
PCs are a bit old (it is still a Dell running Vista with 2 G ram) but the installation was done without any problem on each.
Say that it is still better to avoid the effects of the recording if you want to return the live mix, latency quickly becomes limited.
Crash, no, never, nada.
Easy grip, my first software of its kind, and everything intuitively discovered, finally I've ever stay a minute or two to grind stuff to see how it went.
Nothing to say no more about the quality of sound and mixes obtained. The headphones (AKG K271) sound rendering is really the one who came.
And it's cheap.
I do not put aside because I have no point of comparison but I am very satisfied.