Acoustica Mixcraft 6
Acoustica Mixcraft 6

Mixcraft 6, General Sequencer from Acoustica.

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Acoustica Mixcraft 6 : Anonymous 's user review

«  Simple and effective »

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I installed the demo version valid 30 days. I have not encountered any inconsistency on my Quad core in w64. I have set the buffers of my sound card and I could start testing.


What is surprising is the simplicity and fluidity of the sequencer.

All basic functions are fingertips without having to search through tons of sub menus.
We feel that ergonomics was thinking. Everything is clear and the interface is not overloaded info.
All my virtual were recognized. 2 concerns including 1 discovered this morning over galley
:dropoff Window
I have problems with kontakt because I do not know how to play multi timbral mode.

I have slight cracks at random when I record a virtual. Despite all the possible tests I have not found while Mia echo function nickel elsewhere. I'll get. Read I have no problem.

You can create a virtual list of favorite which quite convenient.
I have not tried all the effects, but my goal is to find the easiest and convenient sequencing without adding a lot of which I never use me and eventually overload and slow down all sequencers.

4 tabs allow access to essentials (midi, sounds, library and blender)

noon game is super simple and editing is a breeze.
Part mixing desk seems to me quite clear and has the basic functions groups under management etc ....

There is possibility to drag and drop loop or any other wav. The interface we can play in loop parts as in other specific sequencers.
the freezing of virtual tracks is included's fastest-are quite usable (Messiah) to develop a model.


That three days I use and sincerely, compared to some gas plant, this is the day and night.

In terms of simplicity, apart from Studio One, more expensive, I know of no other sequencer that is as readable.

In the quest for a sequence less than 100 euros, fluid, simple, no three tons of stuff which I never use, this one is number 1. I do not want to follow the brands, with 100 euros, offers you a you upgrade that adds a useful gizmo and 2 tons of bugs to fix. Cease fire !!


Feel free to test it. If you are looking for efficiency, if you want to prepare your models quickly, MI6 is one of these sequencers that can focus on the essentials. Some will think that it is no more than another, it looks like a toy but at least it puts the record straight, at least mine: Playing and composing are no questions of issues.

* I will look into the problem of echo drivers.