Apple Logic Pro 9
Apple Logic Pro 9

Logic Pro 9, General Sequencer from Apple in the Logic series.

Apple Logic Pro 9.1.2

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Apple has updated Logic to version 9.1.2, designed to improve overall stability, provide fixes and improvements.

Some issues addressed in this update include but are not limited to:


Performance and Stability:

  • Logic's performance while playing movies at larger than 300% native size in 64-bit mode has been improved.
  • Resolves an issue that could cause the warning dialog "Memory Getting Low" to appear when simultaneously recording multiple tracks in 32-bit mode.
  • Resolves an issue that could cause the warning dialog "Specified volume doesn't exist -35" to appear when simultaneously recording multiple tracks in 32-bit mode.
  • Using the Undo command after a "Bounce in Place" command now correctly reinserts used plug-ins on the channel strip.
  • Performing Undo after using the "Bounce - Replace All Tracks" command now correctly restores all automation.
  • Resolves an issue that sometimes caused Logic to stop responding when loading a setting for a mono plug-in in a multi-mono surround configuration.



  • Improves compatibility with 6- and 12-core Mac Pro systems.
  • Supports iOS control surface apps that utilize the OSC protocol.
  • Supports REX files when running in 64-bit mode.
  • Improves compatibility with select Audio Unit plug-ins.
  • The expanded System Performance window now accurately reflects the number of available real cores on all supported computers.
  • Logic no longer inadvertently reloads the content for third-party sampler plug-ins such as Native Instrument's Kontakt after tracks are deleted, or after some other edits are performed.
  • Resolves an issue introduced in Logic 9.1.1 that could cause the spacebar to incorrectly trigger playback in Logic while the Melodyne plug-in window had focus.
  • Logic Control or Mackie Control hardware control surfaces no longer switch to plug-in edit view when a plug-in on slots 8-15 is removed.

MIDI Editing:

  • Resolves an issue introduced in Logic 9.1 where using the Marquee tool to trim the end of a MIDI region could extend the number of loops for regions earlier in the same track.
  • The Piano Roll now updates as expected to show the currently selected MIDI take.
  • Resolves an issue in Logic 9.1.1 which could cause the Score to not display all notes from a region that had been split with the Scissors tool.
  • The appearance of downward slurs and ties has been improved in the Score window.
  • When pasting MIDI events into the Arrange area, the playhead no longer jumps unexpectedly to a position far to the right of the end of the pasted content.


Instruments and Effects:

  • Amp Designer now reliably maintains saved non-default EQ settings when a project is reloaded.
  • The Wah Wah stompbox now responds more reliably to expression pedal input.
  • EXS24 loads and plays back instruments that use short AAC or ALAC audio files when Virtual Memory is disabled.
  • Corrects an issue that could cause the "Next Plug-in Setting or EXS Instrument" key command to change settings on the wrong plug-in.
  • It is possible again to copy and paste sequences between Voices within an Ultrabeat pattern.
  • A Software Instrument with a Send set to Post Pan no longer loses audio output when the Aux it sends to is soloed, and the Software Instrument's pan is adjusted.
  • Software Instrument tracks with the AUNetReceive plug-in no longer exhibit excessive latency.
  • The Noise Gate no longer creates audible clicks while processing audio with the plug-in GUI open.
  • Double-clicking an insert slot will close the associated plug-in if it is open and set to Link Mode.
  • In the EXS Editor, a mouse roll over of an audio file name now displays the full path for the file.
  • The EXS Editor now properly displays all Groups even those that have the same name.


File Handling and Management:

  • Resolves an issue which sometimes caused the text after a period in a plug-in setting name to be lost on the first save of the setting.
  • Resolves an issue from Logic 9.1.1 which forced exported MIDI files to have a .logic extension rather than the .mid extension.
  • Import of folder tracks from other projects now works reliably.
  • Bank and Patch names in Multi-instruments now import correctly when using the Track Import feature.
  • Resolves an issue which could cause the Track Import window to become non-functional in certain rare cases.
  • Import of stereo Input Channel Strips from other projects now works reliably.
  • It is again possible to drag split stereo audio files from the Finder into the Arrange window.
  • The mute status is now maintained for tracks imported from other projects using Selective Track Import.
  • The "Export Region as Audio File" and "Export Track as Audio file" functions now add tempo information to the exported files.
  • The EXS24 now automatically locates samples stored in a folder inside the Project Folder that have any of the following names: "Samples," "Sampler Files," "Sampler Instruments," or "Audio Files.".
  • When a project is opened from a project folder that has been copied, EXS24 now loads samples from the copied location instead of the original.
  • It is now possible to drag and drop an AIFF audio file copied from a CD into the Audio Bin in the Media area of the Arrange window.
  • The project name is no longer truncated if a period is added to the project name when performing a Save As for the project.


General Issues:

  • Resolves an issue where applying a crossfade with the crossfade tool might affect existing crossfades on the same track.
  • A marker is no longer created unexpectedly when the Open Marker Text command is used.
  • The relative movement of the mouse when editing multiple automation nodes has been improved.
  • The mouse pointer no longer incorrectly shows the Freeze pointer when editing volume, pan, send, mute or solo automation on frozen tracks.
  • Help tags for the Marquee Strip now show the correct range.
  • Soloing an Auxiliary channel strip whose source is a Bus from another Auxiliary channel strip now works as expected.
  • Copying a MIDI region on a ReWire track no longer creates an unexpected new track.
  • Cutting a region at a point earlier than the anchor at high zoom levels no longer causes the region to move unexpectedly.
  • Plug-ins now open with Link mode enabled when they are invoked by entering Plug-in edit mode on a remote control surface.
  • When a channel strip is muted, pre-fader sends on the channel strip are now muted as expected.
  • Reordering multiple Control Surface objects in the Control Surface Setup window now behaves more reliably.
  • Performing comp edits while recording will no longer create graphic artifacts in the Take Folder.
  • The behavior of the key commands to adjust Marquee selection borders based on transients has been improved. See this article for details.
  • There is no longer audible stepping with automated volume changes at low fader levels.
  • Touch automation mode now works correctly with Sculpture's Object Position 2 parameter.
  • Quantize parameters are now correctly maintained when a region is divided.
  • The vertical position guide when moving/copying a flexed region is now correctly positioned at the left edge of the region in projects that start earlier than position 1 1 1 1.
  • The Optimize file(s) command now properly affects both channels of a split stereo file.
  • Delete now works properly on selected regions within undisclosed groups in the Audio Bin.
  • Resolves an issue introduced in Logic 9.1.1 that could cause channel strips with default names to display incorrectly on EuCon control surfaces.
  • The "Reset All I/O Labels" command once again works as expected.
  • Regions dragged from the Audio Bin to tracks within folders in the Arrange window are now correctly positioned.
  • Contextual menus now appear as expected when Control- or right-clicking entries in the Audio Bin in the Media area of the Arrange window.
  • Performing Undo after adding tempo events to a project no longer inadvertently modifies the selections for the active comp in a take folder.
  • Regions with a negative value set for Delay in the Region Inspector are now rendered properly with Bounce Region in Place.
  • Bounce Regions in Place now works properly on record-enabled audio tracks.
  • The current scroll position in the Audio Bin will not jump unexpectedly after renaming an audio file.
  • The color and icon assigned to a track are now properly maintained when tracks are imported using Selective Track Import.
  • Using the Backspace to remove all characters in the File Browser's search field no longer causes it to lose key focus.
  • Imported linked stereo files will now load with all other audio files in a Project without sometimes displaying a dialog that states "Unequal Stereo Regions Corrected.".
  • The MIDI channel number is now appended to the channel strip name when new tracks are created using the "New Track with Next MIDI Channel" menu option.
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